Security Solutions

We ensure value of life and safety at all times. Our clients can enjoy the following valued benefits that come with our interactive security operations network on a round-the-clock basis:

24/7 Command Centre

Our Command Centre has duty officers that operate round the clock. They make telephone checks at regular intervals during the security assignments. Our duty officers provide advice and coordination on all matters as and when assistance is required. Our operations executives respond immediately to clients’ requests and calls, and swiftly resolves issues.

Senior Duty Officer

Our Senior Duty Officer remains on call duty throughout the day and night shifts. He attends to all urgent and emergency matters of the assignment when summoned. He advises, guides, and provides remedial solutions, should there be difficulties that the assigned security personnel are not able to mitigate alone.

Operations Executive

We assign an Operations Executive to oversee your security assignment. Being the personal liaison officer between our client and our Company, he is responsible for all our clients’ needs and matters pertaining to the assignment. Our Operations Executives also meet our clients regularly to eradicate any problem with security matters.

Management Team

Our Professional Lead Management Team consists of ex-Police, Military Officers and commercial Security Consultants who are actively involved in running the Company’s Operations on a round-the-clock basis.

With our 24-hour command centre, direct contact with our Operations and Management Teams can be made at any time of need. This assures our clients of a quick and decisive response to matters requiring immediate attention.

Our Management Staff will also visit your location periodically to ensure a smooth and effective security operation. Where necessary, they will recommend measures to tighten the security procedures at your premises for your consideration.

Security Management System

Our reliable security management system, ‘MobiGuard’, is specially engineered and designed for the Security Industry. 

MobiGuard (Mobile Apps Based Security Guard System) 

Through a mobile app that manages the profiles and duty assignments of all security guards, we can effectively centralise our guard management and monitoring systems on cloud in one system. 

MobiGuard Patrol allows patrol tasks to be conducted easily, collects patrol timings, and records patrol activities in real-time during patrol duties for live reports. 

MobiGuard is packed with useful functions, such as patrolling history, audit trails, and incident details that give users a crystal-clear view of every patrol session. 

QR Code Staff Attendance

QR enabled Android-based daily attendance, hourly reporting and Incident Reports to Command Centre on smart phones. 

GPS Tracking

Supervisors can view attendance GPS locations of their entire mobile security team

Visitor Management System

Visitor management system is about controlling access of your visitors and contractors who are in your building. Visitors and Contractors are registered electronically and multiple visitors can be processed simultaneously. The system verifies the visitors and contractors’ identities, tracks their in and out, and alerts them when they are due to leave.

Ensuring Security

To ensure utmost security for our clients, we have the following: 

Walkie Talkie Sets – Portable walkie-talkie sets are provided to Security Officers to enhance effective and efficient communications. 

CCTV – We install one CCTV camera in the guard post, monitored by our duty officers at our 24/7 command centre. 

Body Cameras and Metal Detectors – We provide these as part of our Security Officers’ arsenal of equipment upon request, especially for restricted sectors or highly congested areas.

Electronic Clocking Device

As a service to our valued clients, we undertake the installation of a Clocking System for security assignments. This device is provided with clocking points which are installed around the perimeters and vital areas for security personnel to clock.

Red Teaming

We have a designated red team whose main objective is to enhance security effectiveness through organised tests. This is designed to detect network and system gaps, and test security by simulating attacks or threats to the location.

Threats are defined as but not limited to suspicious persons, vehicles and parcels, as well as any other form of suspicious and malicious activities.

From time to time and at the request of our valued clients, we undertake fire-drill and alarm activation exercises to ensure that all our security personnel are familiar with such emergency procedures. This is also a chance to train civilians in basic evacuation protocols on what they should and should not do in these events.

Security Risk Survey

Our operation team staff is trained to conduct Security Risk Surveys for our clients as part of our service, to evaluate, assess and analyse what security measures need to be taken at your site.

Investigation Team

Our Investigation Team caters to any internal concerns within our clients’ organisation, including but not limited to:

  • Pilfering
  • Petty thefts
  • Frequent loss of stores
  • Suspected sabotage
  • Vandalism; or
  • Staff who need to be closely monitored for suspicious activities